May 1, 2020

How to improve your FTP in 8 weeks with AI Endurance: Success Stories

(5 min read)

We recap the results of following AI Endurance’s cycling training plan that saw our FTP grow according to AI Endurance’s predictions.

AI Endurance FTP success stories

We - Dominik and Markus of AI Endurance - have been training for Paris to Ancaster 2020 , a gravel grinder race that was supposed to happen on April 26th 2020 but was cancelled because of Covid-19.

Nevertheless, we stuck to AI Endurance’s 8 week cycling training plan and saw great improvements. If you missed earlier posts about our journey, you can find them here:


Dominik grew his FTP to 283 W in 8 weeks, slightly better than the prediction of 261 W, achieving a new PB with AI Endurance’s individualized training plan. His thoughts:

Markus grew his FTP to 299 W in 8 weeks, also slightly better than AI Endurance’s prediction of 293 W. His thoughts:

Check out Markus' FTP test on Strava:

Also, see how his FTP improved over time compared to AI Endurance’s predictions: